Saturday 16 March 2013

The Monet teapot

The Monet teapot in my previous post attracted so many appreciative comments that I thought some of you might like a closer look. I've had it for years and years and always enjoy using it. Quite apart from the impression of waterlilies inspired by the great painter, the handle is very satisfying and it pours like a dream.The colour in the photographs, I have to say, is still not quite as in life: the pot is much more green than blue - you can almost see it on the lid.
It was made by Caroline Bishop in Kent, and just shows what can result when the potter is as talented with a paint brush as with the clay.
Here's another example of her work - a charming small bowl decorated with cherries:

And all her work is signed and glazed on the bottom with a detail from the pattern:

For another glimpse of Caroline Bishop's work and details of how to see more, you can click through on this link: South East Open Studios 2013.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Positively charming. As you say, the handle and the pour is as important as the colors and the design.

cathy jones said...

Who doesn't love Monet's Waterlilies? And being a tea drinker since I was a teenager, I appreciate the teapot as well as the art on it. Beautiful!

Maureen said...

Lovely ceramics. The cherry bowl lis charming.

Evelyn said...

I love the pearlescent colors on the teapot. Isn't it a shame that you can't try out a teapot before you buy it? There's nothing worse than one that drips!

Gill Edwards said...

do you know i dont possess a teapot but if i did id love one like this. The bowl is very sweet too. Caroline Bishop is one to look out for and collect.

Gill x

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