Tuesday 11 April 2017


I don't feel like writing at the moment, not even - as must have become obvious - on the blog. I'm quite content just wandering, pottering, faffing about. And very lucky, it has to be said, that I am able to do just that when I want to.
In Bonnieux the other day, I caught sight of this magnificent wisteria behind a gate, through an archway. It looked intriguing so I stopped. For a brief moment I wondered who lived in the house and how long that bottle had been there in the courtyard. Another time, I might have considered whether it might make a setting for a scene in a novel, but I just took a photo because it was pretty and left it there.
Have I run out of steam? Does there come a time when a writer feels there's no more to say for a while? A few too many crass online reviews? "Meh." "No. Just no." "This book uses words that are literally not in the dictionary." (At least that one gave us a laugh.) I don't think it's anything to do with that. I'm someone who believes passionately in freedom of expression, and will defend to the end the right of reviewers to be mean if that's how they feel. There are enough other readers who do like my novels, which redresses the balance.
I've long thought that the reason for writing and reading novels is to try to make sense of the world. Each of my novels has contained some personal issue that I've been grappling with, though usually this has not become apparent, even to me, until some time afterwards. There's no equivalence in the plot. The manifestation is more like those dreams of places and people that don't seem to look like they do in life.
But in the case of the last novel, issues of identity and loss were all too close to the surface as I was struggling to write it. There was no time to process my emotions. They were raw and real and ever-present as I wrote through the winter that saw both my parents pass away within four months of each other. Over the book, the word "deadline" hung with a bitter, macabre irony.
Writing this now, I think I've realised what my silence is saying. "Give me a break."


Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break, especially after all you've endured, Deborah. You definitely deserve it, and I hope you find the peace you need.

Regarding the review about using words that are not in the dictionary, I'm not sure what sort of dictionary that person has, but you're writing is so lush, it practically drips off the page. Anyone who doesn't appreciate it probably has never even opened a dictionary!

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Thank you so much for the supportive words, dear Karen. They are greatly appreciated.

Marcheline said...

I came here to say something, but that Karen woman said everything I meant to! Well said, both of you! 8-)

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Mrs S - much appreciated. xx

Panharith said...

They are greatly appreciated.


Daisy Goddard said...

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