Wednesday 24 July 2013

It was Volterra!

I had a query from New Zealand through my website at the weekend: which was the Italian hill-top village where Tom met Giuliana many years later in my novel The Art of Falling? I've been trying to respond to say that it was Volterra, pictured above. But the mailer daemons keep sending back my reply. And as I hate to seem ungrateful for messages and unwilling to engage with readers who enjoy my books, I'm posting this in the hope that that the answer will get through!

1 comment:

Di said...

Thank you Deborah I also got your email - finally !! Wow a house in France - how cool - I feel I have missed out not travelling altho have covered a lot of the SW USA but feel a little unsure now in my 60s to travel alone Your blog is really interesting and will check back in now and again in between reading your books :)

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