Tuesday 26 February 2013

At the writing desk

Perfect timing. As I sit resolutely at the desk this week, I am delighted to be able to direct you over to Cornflower Books, where I have been in discussion about the process: At the writing desk with...Deborah Lawrenson.
If you love book blogs and haven't yet discovered Cornflower, you are in for a treat. She always has an sumptuous array of books under discussion, new and old, as well as a home, craft and cookery blog illustrated with gorgeous photography. There's a great series of posts about Books and Cakes, in which she bakes to accompany her reading - very clever and inspiring. See for yourself! 
PS. In the interview, Cornflower asked for my advice to aspiring writers. "Never give up. Don't eat that cake," I offered. Clearly this is aspirational only. A real life interpretation is: "Don't eat that cake. Oops. Too late."  


Cornflower said...

Lovely to have you with us over at C. Books, Deborah!

Freda said...

I was actually writing and eating cake as I read it! I now have it written on a piece of paper by my desk... Am enjoying browsing your interesting site - thanks.

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

I like your notebook idea. My ideas, smatterings of interesting tidbits, photos, and snippets are all mashed together in manilla folders. A notebook would be so much more elegant.

I, too, have not passed on cake nearly enough in my life. However, who can deny it's tasty goodness?

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