Thursday 20 December 2012

End of term report

Michaelmas Term 2012
ENGLISH: A good term's work, covering much ground. Deborah is writing fluently but with occasional lapses of confidence. She is working hard to eradicate the flaws that sometimes detract from the flow of her narrative.
MATHS: Very satisfactory progress. A good understanding of business accounting has been achieved with publishers in London and New York and I am pleased to report substantial advances.
FRENCH: An obvious enjoyment of both language and literature continues to influence her work.
HISTORY: This term we have undertaken substantial research into the social history of the mid 20th century with special reference to Vichy France and London 1942-45.
GEOGRAPHY: Although Deborah often wished she could exert herself more by joining field trips to areas of relevant interest, she has unfortunately been confined to her study at home.
CHEMISTRY: Perfume and wine. Excellent work.
PHYSICS: Deborah now has a basic understanding of the Lysander plane and landing trajectories. She is not a natural scientist and has struggled with some aspects of this.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Most disappointing this term. Could try very much harder. 


josina said...

fun, love the report,reminds me of end of term!

Cornflower said...

Love it!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Cool! The phys.ed. remark is funny. I hate to think of what my end-of-term report was in regards to math and science. Happy Holidays!

Vanessa said...

Oh wonderful, Deborah. Both of my cousins went to Blackheath High. My own school reports from early years (not Blackheath High) said that "Vanessa can do well when she applies herself". Alas this didn't happen often. Joyeux Noël et bonne fin d'année.

Sara Louise said...

Not a bad report card Deborah! :)
Happy holidays to you and yours!

aguja said...

Love the report!! Isn't it funny what is said about us ... what remains and what changes in our abilities.
Thank you for sharing it!

Marcheline said...

Hope you had the veriest merriest Yuletide of all!

Gill Edwards said...

what a clever idea to write your year in terms of a school report. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and i wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2013

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