Saturday 20 February 2016

The Grand Café in Faro

"The town was full of strangers and constant movement: planes overhead, roaring in and out of the airport across the shore; boats puttering in and out of the harbour; trains sliding between the road and the sea; buses and cars; pedestrians bobbing up and down over the undulating cobblestones.

The café, at least, was still. On the way to the language school, it had the presence and quiet grace of an ancient oak, rooted to its spot in the Rua Dr. Francisco Gomes. The columns and balustrades of its once-grand fin de siècle façade had an air of forgotten romance that was hard to resist. I pushed against its old-style revolving door that first morning simply because I was curious to see inside."
                                                                    from 300 Days of Sun
The Café Alianca in Faro was once one of the town's great meeting places, a cosmopolitan establishment where the great and the good would drop by to see who else was there. When I visited in August 2013, it had been closed for several years but had re-opened temporarily to host meetings and discussions during the local elections. The café plays a crucial role in 300 Days of Sun, both in the present and the past stories.


Pet said...

You make the place seem really interesting!
For what you say though, everything lays now in the past, pity.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Actually, I think there are plans to refurbish and re-open it this year, which would be great news for Faro.

Bunched Undies said...

Ok with those paragraphs I'm already addicted to the new book! Thanks Deborah

Marcheline said...

Can't wait for the new book! I need to ask you a favor, I need your advice! Pop on over to my blog and see what you make of my latest conundrum.

-Marcheline of Mental Meatloaf

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Thanks, David (aka BU)!

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