Tuesday 29 April 2014

Two bikes and a baguette

OK, I should be working, but on the other hand, a bit of exercise is excellent for freeing up the mind...so it wasn't much of a contest. The Luberon Véloroute is a cycle track that snakes along the length of the valley and beyond to Forcalquier, a transformation of the disused railway line. April seems the perfect time to get pedalling, before the summer heat and tourists.
We hired some bikes in Apt and set off in the direction of Avignon (not that we planned to get anywhere close). There are the usual scenes of an industrial estate on the way out of town, but even then the height of the path on a old embankment allowed us to see a reclamation yard that we didn't know was there, and spent a happy ten minutes pointing out interesting archways and pillars for the fantasy garden.
In the photo above, I've stopped on the Roman bridge, the Pont Julien. Behind me to the left is the perched village of Lacoste. It was easy cycling through pretty orchards and farms, always with the Luberon hills rising above us. We got to Lumières, near Goult, to buy a picnic lunch with ten minutes to spare before the village shop shut. (Now that would have been a disaster!)
A baguette sticking out of the panier, some simple ingredients and a cherry orchard in blossom - what could be better for a classic French pique-nique?



Gill Edwards said...

what a great place to cycle round, im not a cheese fan but the rest of the picnic looks scrummy.
Gill x

Maureen said...

What a lovely picture of your lunch. It reminds me of the times my sister and I, while traveling through France, would buy bread and cheese and fruit in the morning and find somewhere nice to stop in early afternoon.

Bunched Undies said...

That sounds like the perfect day.

Marcheline said...

I'll take the views and the lovely lunch, but you can keep the bicycle. Haven't found one yet that doesn't completely kill my butt. If they'd make a nice WIDE comfy seat to go on a bicycle, I'd be all for it!

Sara Louise said...

I'm so glad someone is using those paths! I used to get so mad when I would see cyclist on the road near my old village instead of the fantastic path!
P.S. your picnic looks scrumptious!

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