Tuesday 15 February 2011

Le Mimosa

February is the month when the mimosa comes into flower, brightening up late winter with its scented yellow bobbles. Here is a jug-full from Apt market.

These flowers will almost certainly have come from further south, les terres du sud along the Riviera coast where whole hillsides in blossom sent out waves of sweet perfume. A heady trail leads from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse, blending with pines and herbs as the sun warms the landscape.

Mimosa scent, to me, is a curious lingering mixture of powdery almonds and honey, with a hint of candyfloss and that white paper glue in a pot (with a little spreading spatula) that you never see anymore.

It’s the centrepiece of a new Annick Goutal soliflore fragrance,  Le Mimosa – soliflore, because it concentrates on the character of only one flower in a starring role, though we’re told there will be a supporting cast of peach, sandalwood, powdery iris and anise. It will be in the shops in March, and I can’t wait to try it.


Anonymous said...

C'est vrai que c'est la période du mimosa qui a commencé dans le sud. Il embellit nos forêt et embaume nos appartements. C'est un grand moment de plaisir que de vivre cette époque de l'année.
Et puis, cela veut dire que le printemps arrive!

Unknown said...

Mmm... I'll look out for the fragrance. We know spring is here too when the mimosa starts blooming.

BookGeek said...

Your posts are always so lyrical. This scent sounds heavenly too. I can't wait until spring!

✿France✿ said...

Bonsoir j'adore le mimosas il est mangifique le votre
Merci et merci aussi de votre passage c'est tres sympa

Merula said...

Bonsoir, et merci de ta visite sur mon blog
Je vais également faire une petite promenade agréable dans ton Luberon !
A bientôt

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